Why Use Employee Monitor Software?


Every employer actually needs to be concerned about how much effort an employee is actually putting into an assigned task. This not merely decides how much time he takes to complete a task but also helps in accounting for the productivity. Some employees need diligent supervision which is not always possible round the clock. A supervising person cannot at all times monitor every person in his team and there needs to be someone to vouch for the supervisor’s tactics and approach of supervision. It all cannot be maintained at the same level and could go haphazard if the reports from different teams do not follow similar pattern.

Also monitoring an employee does not essentially mean his work ethics is checked. It also means the company would like to acknowledge the high performers. It is important to create visibility for employees who have worked out of their way in achieving targets on time or earlier if the need be. This encourages the employees to thrive for perfection every time they work. For such motivation to be initiated, every employer needs a program where every employer is monitored. The program helps in acknowledging every single assignment and its completion time taken by every employee. This helps in maintaining an organized approach apart from gauging employee abilities.

At all times, employee monitor program allows you to manage your employees to the best of your ability. The complex algorithms written ensure that every single application being run on the employee’s computer are accounted and reported with all details like start time and end time. The window information is being recorded   to find if there are any hidden applications running on an employee’s computer. A user – friendly log is generated with very minute detail of employee engagement at his desk. Now it gets easier to find out if an employee is playing a game of solitaire or actually developing software.

  • It helps in monitoring every single task assigned to an employee.
  • It also records the applications details and even the hidden processes that are being run on the windows providing a complete history of usage by every employee.
  • If the employer wishes, they can have live preview of the employee’s desktop.
  • A graphical representation of the employee’s productivity could be interpreted.
  • A log listing the employee’s activities and the time accountable for each and every activity could be easily maintained which can later be converted to employee performance record.
  • The performance of every employee could easily be recorded and this could officially be taken into account during the performance appraisal or review of employee performance.
  • Remote monitoring of employees is achievable which is a herculean task otherwise
  • Default website blocking could be easily achieved
  • There is an option to limit the access to certain websites as complete blocking of certain websites could lead to disruption in work as well. For instance, social networking sites could have this option so the employees could limit their time in browsing entertainment sites keylogger free.
  • There is an option to block all the applications which serve the purpose of entertainment alone. This could be kept as a lenient variant where in the employer could just choose to keep them blocked and open for certain period of time. Every employee needs some co curricular activity and a game of word puzzle or Sudoku hurts none.
  • Idle time of the employees could easily be calculated apart from the log on time and log off time.
  • An option to have the screenshots of history options in website is possible with this software which allows the supervisor to check for the recent websites an employee has visited.
  • There will be a log maintained specific to the search queries that the employee has explored which also helps in tracking if the employee has been on track.

Benefits of using Employee Monitor

The software typically runs on a stealth mode. This could be sued to monitor the employee without letting them know they are being monitored. Also it never disrupts any of the functionalities of the computer and allows every employee to perform their task at their own pace. Also this software is available for a free trial which allows employers to decide if they can actually customize it to their needs if required. It definitely increases the profits as it is responsible for increasing the productivity











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